About school

Have a question? Write to us at info@cg-school.org

What’s going on here?

Cg-school.org –  is an educational platform which helps you to gain knowledge and practical skills in the field of computer graphics without wasting your time and money. Our tutorials will help you create movies, games, VFX for films and commercials.

Join us:

  • to get high-quality video tutorials to create vfx and compositing;
  • attend free tutorials by professionals and experts CGI;
  • get online training on Nuke, 3ds max, Unreal Engine, Houdini, After Effects and other advanced CGI programs.


Contacts for which we will most quickly answer you –

mail: info@cg-school.org or sales.cgs.org@gmail.com 

telegram: @verenko.

This site is owned and operated by Oleg Verenko (oleg.verenko@gmail.com)

How is Cg-school.org different from other computer graphics schools?

No employees

We do not have any hired teacher who, for a small fee, somehow “teaches” something that has not been used for a long time. Teachers (project founders and partners of the school) are more responsible for your results, they give their best at trainings. We really benefit when you reach your goals and recommend us in the future.

Teachers are practicing professionals

You can see this in our portfolio and current projects. We know what is currently needed on the market, and what is already outdated. And we will be able to give you only the necessary up-to-date knowledge without unnecessary informational garbage.

We love what we do

As you noticed, we do not have paid marketing. We do not store your cookies in order to catch up with you for a month with ads and do not impose anything on you. And we just do our job – cool CG projects and lessons based on them. We are doing this project with pleasure, so that you are also satisfied.

Learn to solve real problems

In second place are tools and theory. It’s in our free tutorials.

Small groups at online trainings (up to 10 people)

The main thing in trainings is feedback from the teacher. This will give you more attention, more feedback, more communication and opportunities to get a good chunk of the teaching experience. Therefore, we do not inflate groups through marketing and work with you almost individually.

Free support and advice after the end of the course

Both in real projects and in further training. You can always contact practicing teachers about any questions and we will help you.

School on the market since 2012

For 10 years, our trainings, experience and educational materials have gone through fire, water and copper pipes. We have honed them to perfection, so we can train you faster and more efficiently than others.