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Get unlimited subscription now. It includes unlimited download, new training every month, access to all materials: project files, 3ds max scenes, Nuke projects.

If you want to get access to all educational material try our unlimited subscription. Unlimited subscription gives you access to all vfx tutorials and other materials (like working files) from the website.
You can download vfx tutorials on your computer and view them any time:

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Ready for download!

  • 21 video tutorials about fire, smoke and explosion simulation
  • simulation principles, particle creating, burning, explosions, smoke, dust, the clouds, tornadoes, avalanches
  • 3ds max 2014, Nuke9, FumeFX, PhoenixFD, PFlow, ThinkingParticles

Ready for download!

  • 10 video tutorials about Fire Storm Simulation
  • Creating environment, particle creating, adding fire vortex, smoke and debris, fragments and dust, fire simulation, compositing
  • Nuke 9, 3ds max 2014 (Thinking particles, FumeFX)

Ready for download!

  • 17 video tutorials about destructions, explosions and dust
  • fragmentation types, creating dynamics, objects demolition,  ground destruction
  • 3ds max 2014, Nuke9, RayFire, VolumeBreaker, ThinkingParticles

Ready for download!

  • 31 video tutorials about creating visual effects in Houdini 17.
  • Creating explosions, fire, smoke, dust, clouds, and other elements of “atmospheric” simulations, destruction dynamics, compositing
  • Houdini 17, Nuke 10

Ready for download!

  • 13 video tutorials about fluid simulation. Over 20 hours of training in HD quality
  • fundamentals of fluid simulation, working with viscosity, large-scale simulation, spray and foam creation, water surface. Bonus: compositing scenes with ship, aircraft and city.
  • 3ds max 2014, Nuke 9, PhoenixFD v2.2 and other

Ready for download!

  • 12 video tutorials on creating dynamics and fluid simulation
  • basics of fluid simulations theory, main parameters and settings, large-scale simulation with a huge amount of particles, and small-scale scenes with different viscosity settings, import-export information between RealFlow and 3D packages
  • RealFlow 10, 3ds max 2017, Nuke 10

Unlimited subscription automatically gives you access to all VFX tutorials that will be created in the future.

Examples of the material from video tutorials.

Examples of the materials from video tutorials.

How much does it cost ?

Unlimited subscription costs 399$.

Attention: the subscription price will increase. Next price – 450$.


To purchase the subscription press the green button below and proceed to payment. Download link will be sent to you. If you have any questions, please e-mail us: info@cg-school.org or via skype: olegwer.


How fast can I get access to video lessons after payment?

Access will be available within a day after the payment.

What software do I need ?

Required software  you need are listed on the course page.

Can I resume downloads in case of rupture of connection break?

Yes, of course. If you have any problems, please contact us: info@cg-school.org

Do I need a fast computer?

Convenience of your work during training and future tasks depends strongly on its features. We recommend:


  • 16 GB of RAM (or higher)
  • 8 core processor (or higher)
  • 100 GB (or higher) of free space on the computer for data caching
How can I contact you to ask a question?

If you need any help, please contact us by e-mail:  info@cg-school.org or by skype: olegwer.


  1. Hi
    How long is the subscribtion for? Is the duration for ever? or does it has limited time? Because if I buy the subscribtion but the tutorials haven’t been uploaded and I lose my subcribtion after the tutorials are completed?


    • Hello.
      Our subscription is unlimited. Duration is forever. You do not lose the subscription and can download tutorials at any time.
      PS. The subscription price will increase.

  2. Great resource for all aspiring VFX artists. Teachers know their stuff and tutorials are well structured and to the point. Highly recommended!

  3. Nice, and very important for vfx works

  4. Hi
    I run 3DS MAX 2012
    DO you think i might have compatibility problems?

  5. i want to subscribe for the unlimited subscription. i want to be the best CGI guy in Nigeria. hope these tutorials will make me bad (Lols). i have one question only, that is are these tutorials in English? as the other ones I have seen on fbk are not in English Language.
    Jonah John Baba
    Kind regards.

    • I need to be clear on something. i thought once i subscribe for the unlimited subscription, all the VFX tutorials will be available for me to download. nut form what Im getting from you is that even if one subscribe for the unlimited package one will still need to buy all the video tutorials. Please I need clarification on this.

      • I will need you to please respond quickly to my inquiry as your unlimited subscription closing dateline is fast approaching. Do I have access to download all the purchase video tutorials as an unlimited subscriber?

          • Hi, thanks. I cannot download 1.3 VolumeBreaker i part 01 of vfx-pack-destruction.

  6. hi

    i got Unlimited Subscription,When i will get access to these awesome stuff.


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