Start the new 2017 year is the best time to learn something new and become more and more popular in the CG industry

Once a year we spend Big New Year Sale of our products.

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VFX pack: fire, smoke, explosions (21 video tutorials about fire, smoke and explosion simulation) $190 $95

VFX pack: destruction (17 video tutorials about destructions, explosions and dust) $190 $95

VFX pack: fluids (12 video tutorials about fluid simulation) $190 $95

Unlimited Subscription (All VFX tutorials + furute tutorials)  $359  $ 179

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VFX pack: fire, smoke, explosions (click for more)

(21 video tutorials about fire, smoke and explosion simulation)

The collection of video tutorials to create explosions, fire, smoke and other vfx simulations. You will learn how to make shots, smoke traces, simulation of volcano, creating dust below the wheels of moving car. Learn how to quickly generate clouds, make tornadoes, dust storms, nuclear explosions.


Price: $190 $95

VFX pack: destruction (click for more)

(17 video tutorials about destructions, explosions and dust)

Collection of video tutorials on creating destruction and other vfx simulations. You will learn how to make fragmentation types, creating dynamics, objects demolition, ground fragmentation.

Price: $190 $95

VFX pack: fluids (click for more)

(12 video tutorials about fluid simulation)

Collection of video tutorials on creating dynamics and fluid simulation. These lessons for you if you want to:

  • learn to work in a single fluid simulation program in 3ds max – PhoenixFD
  • learn basics of fluid simulations theory
  • learn how to do large-scale simulation on the water surface, and small-scale scenes with different settings of viscosity


Price: $190 $95

Unlimited Subscription (click for more)

(All VFX tutorials + furute tutorials)

Get unlimited subscription now. It includes unlimited download, new training every month, access to all materials: project files, 3ds max scenes, Nuke projects.

Price: $359  $179

This price avaliable from December 29- until January 1, 2017.